Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2011 Gratitude Challenge November 22- Technology

I have already thanked God for cell phones, cochlear implants etc..  But today I am thankful for technology in general.  Phone is officially busted.  I must get a new one.  "To iPhone or not...that is the question."  Was thinking of the kid- and the cochlear implant and what might work best for him so I dashed off a note on my facebook and had many responses.  Yes the iPhone can work well for those with hearing impairments.  But DID YOU KNOW that cell phone companies have 'texting only' packages for those that do not use voice?  and DID YOU KNOW there is a new phone captioning technology out there?  I am going to find out more about that later.  I am sure there is much more I don't know.

I am thankful that texting is the 'way to communicate' now.  It is my kid's preferred way to converse with someone not in the room and apparently this is the way most kids talk now.  He is not 13 but he does have a fake FB account so that he can IM those few friends I have allowed him to have.  I know he would have a crack up time IMing his cousin but he'd probably get them both in trouble!  (I picture them both at their respective kitchen tables where they are suppose to be working but are texting instead.  I actually like that picture... it is a picture of 'normal.')

So although I do have a love / hate relationship with technology such as face book and video games..  I am so thankful for those things that continue to increase the availability of the world to my son.

For now I am pretty sure I won't get the iPhone.  Kid is not 'quite' there needing it yet.  (I still want one but can't use him as an excuse.)

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