Sunday, November 20, 2011

2011 Gratitude Challenge November 20- Friends.. and a reinforced kid proof swing

So thankful for friends in general but today a friend sent her husband over to help and I am super thankful.  He came over about a month ago and reinforced the swing set (where the hanging swing is on the right) because, if you know my kid, he gives things a beating.   Every time he would swing, I would fear it was going to break like a twig.   Today he did the left half and lengthened and reinforced it.  It is now useable with a tire swing!!!  Before this time he would have hit his head trying to go out of control.  He also connected the two structures to give it more...structure.  AWESOME.


Ammy said...

Following from Abundantly Blessed. Girl, I hear you about things taking a beating! I have 3 boys and a girl who holds her own with her brothers. They are daredevils to the extreme! ;) Ammy

Lisa said...

Friends are great. It's so nice that we all have different gifts and abilities.

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