Sunday, November 13, 2011

2011 Gratitude Challenge November 13- Keeping the Sabbath (not what you think.)

I bet you think you know what this will be about.... rest.  And how I am thankful for rest.  And how the Sabbath refreshes.  Well I am thankful for rest and refreshing.  But that is not what this is about.

Today I went to pick up a roaster that a friend was giving me.  (That will be blogged later this week.)  It was out a ways from where I live and there is another family that lives out that way so I decided on a whim to give them a ring.  I prayed that if we were suppose to go there that they'd pick up the phone and welcome us.

It is VERY rare that you can get anyone to do anything on a spur of the moment.  I figured this might not work but still I decided to give it a shot.

And... for the first time (in a long time anyway) they had decided to take a Sabbath day.  To stay home and just hang.

And it was such a GIANT blessing for me.  I was with Andrew and I had pocketed the iPod touch so he'd have something to play so I could visit, but the dad took Andrew and his two year old out in the back yard.  And... I was able to visit for over a half an hour with my friend.

Many of you might be saying..Whoop Dee Doo.  But I can assure you this was a giant deal.    With a special needs kiddo, you RARELY get to go ANYWHERE with your child and do the 'normal' thing of chit caht with other moms.   Since this was foreign to me it took about ten minutes for me to just relax and enjoy myself.

And Andrew had a wonderful time.  A CALM wonderful time playing in the back yard.  I was amazed at the interactions...and not only that but there was something that had bothered him during the visit (I can't recall now what it was) but he said, "even though XYZ happened, I still had a good time."  THAT is rare as he focuses on the 'bad' thing that happened.  I see a shifting in Andrew and am so thankful for that.  (That will be a later post too I would guess!)

So for all of you that do Sabbaths out there- God is blessing others through you and in turn God will bless you.  God is good.  Very Very Good.

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