Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nourish MD...Real Appetizers eCookbook

I had the opportunity to review another of Nourish MD's eCookbooks....Real Appetizers.  As in the other cookbooks, she covers the basics of eating REAL food in a step by step approach so that you can become more of a REAL food eater each day.  They talk about REAL foods, fake foods and then those that bridge the gap.  I like that this is not an "all or nothing" deal.  While it is ideal to move more and more to REAL foods it is not practical to do that 100% all on the first day.  (We can all probably recall a diet that we have done that way and it lasted three days.)

After the explanations, each cookbook follows with many recipes and in this case REAL APPETIZERS.  This would be an awesome addition for the holidays.  (There is also a holiday cookbook!)  Below is the table of contents and you can see the mouth watering choices available in this book.

They make adaptations for those that need to be gluten, casein or other 'free.'  The description of each eCookbook indicates how many recipes can be made gluten, casein or meat free.  I haven't tried any of these yet as we just had Thanksgiving and I am still working off the leftovers but I have made quite a few recipes from other REAL books and they do not disappoint.  I will update this post as I make some appetizer treats.  The grilled steak sticks sound really tasty.  Might even make those for dinner some night!

You can buy the eCookbook here.  Also join their facebook page.  They regularly have specials for both new eCookbooks and bundle packs of several (or even all) of the eCookbooks.

I received this eBook in exchange for my honest opinion.

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