Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2011 Gratitude Challenge November 2

I am thankful today for....

---- My sister.  She lives in a different state and it is always fun when we get together.  I am cracking up at this picture because we look SO much alike.  She is 10 years younger than me and I left to go to college when she was six.  We didn't really get to know each other until we were adults.

--- photos.  I am also thankful for photos because our trip to this Children's Zoo this week was less than stellar.  Kiddo had an issue because he had missed Zoo Boo there that weekend.  (He saw flyers and realized this fact while at the zoo.)  All of the employes rolled their eyes at Zoo Boo because it had been so busy.  That would have been torture for all.  This day we had the entire zoo to ourselves.  (Not kidding.  We were the ONLY ones there.)  It seemed so stressful at the time though because of this ONE issue.  But as I look at this picture (and others) I am reminded that we did have fun.  I want to enjoy more fun 'in the moment.'  (Detaching from the situation is one of our current parent goals in RDI actually.)

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Blessed Beyond said...

what a great post! Sounds like you really have an awesome sister! Love the top picture of y'all.

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