Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2011 Gratitude Challenge November 9-Thankful List

I actually have quite a list of things I am thankful for but every time I go to blog I think, "I can't really blog that."  But I am thankful for my thankful list.  I am thankful that I get time every morning (more or less) to spend with God.  I let the child play the computer and I spend time with God.  Truly, it is a good thing for us.  Even the extra screen time is fine because I am using that time to just be with God.   So, although what I do each morning changes from time to time, a recent addition is to come up with a thankful list each morning.  It could include big or little things.  Over the next few days I think I will blog some of the things on that list.  (It might be every other day as it appears that I am only able to get to these posts about that often.)

By the way, I found the image below by googling "thankful list."  I think DRAWING is an awesome way to get out of the left side of the brain and move into the creative right side.  I am a very left brained gal.  My son is a right brained kid.  It helps me understand him more when I try and draw what I am thinking.  These drawings will not appear here nor will they be in any gallery near you!  And it does help me come up with new creative thoughts and ideas on occasion because I am using new neuron pathways in the brain.

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