Monday, November 15, 2010

2010 Gratitude Challenge - day 15

Today I am thankful for our wonderful trip to the dentist to get a cavity filled. I am thankful that God provided to keep Andrew calm. I am thankful that the RDI we have done for the past year has paid off because I was able to use 'RDI principles' to keep him calm while we were there. Andrew couldn't even see the video while the dentist was doing the filling because of the equipment he had in Andrew's mouth. Andrew just sat there listening to our voices while I rubbed his hand. No pre-med. No laughing gas... just Jesus. I felt very calm too and I KNOW that was Jesus.

He also asked when we were done, "What were you like when you were young?" He basically wanted to know how the dentist became a dentist. Was he always a dentist? I remember being in fifth grade and our teacher saying, "I do have a life outside of being a teacher. I don't just fly up into the sky and come down to teach you every day." I thought that 'connection' for Andrew was very cool.

A PS on this post.. Later in the day we were talking about the appointment and Andrew said a few really cool things I really just want to get down and journal in this post.

Andrew mentioned that he just closed his eyes and felt sleepy during the appointment. I think only God could do that. God is the perfect Xanax.

They put that little 'balloon' thing in your mouth to keep the tooth dry. Andrew says, "That's genius! I didn't have to touch any of the stuff with my tongue and I didn't have to see the blood." (But he didn't get to watch the video.) Way to look on the bright side kid.


Our Village is a Little Different said...

I'm glad the dentist went so well. I know all to well how it can be when it goes the other way. I'm just reading my first RDI book now. I'm happy to read your post, it makes me feel more convicted about this method.

The Glasers said...

Andrew has come a long way!

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