Monday, November 15, 2010

Corps of Re-Discovery- a TOS review

I had the opportunity to review a product from Corps of Re-Discovery. I did not get to choose what I would review and I received ---drumroll---- a Fringe Purse!!! At the writing of this blog the purse is on sale for $11.99 (regular 14.99.) I laughed, I cried, I put it on the shelf. Mama don't sew. And for my male 10 year old sometimes resistant controlling student.. well- a PURSE??? How was I going to talk us him into doing this project??

Finally I dragged it out and took it out of the package. Looked easy enough. I am, shall we say, sewing challenged. I am not a detail oriented gal. I figured this would be a very good test for someone who isn't inclined to these sorts of things. I either lost the needle or there was not one included but a friend came to the rescue with a Montassori blunt needle that worked really well. This way no thimble was needed. Andrew said that the needle felt like a stylist for his DSi. I included a close up here of this needle.

I decided to 'frame and scaffold' this project for Andrew. I knew there was no way I could be a good guide for him from top to bottom so I started it myself and then brought him in throughout the process on and off. When I mentioned, "Andrew we are going to learn to stitch," his response was, "Are we going to be surgeons?" (Where does he get this stuff? I'm not making it up!)

The directions were quite clear although I was not 100% on what a square knot or running stitch was. There was a small diagram on the side which I believe is a running stitch. You have to stitch up the purse one way and then go back the other way filling in the spaces. The person who helped me is pictured on this post but he asked not to be named as it would be embarassing so I will only show his hands to protect his identity. I was quite surprised at how well he did on the first pass of stitching up the purse. On the way back I had to really force the needle through and I think it would have been frustrating for him. (Again, I was using a thick blunt needle and not the one that was included in the kit.)

At his writing we are still working away at this. I think any 10 year old girl (or boy) could do this easily without any help from mom in a few hours. I called my own mom in an effort to get a picture of some of the unfinished projects I have begun. It occurred to me that Corps of Re-Discovery might not like a picture of one of my old crafts I haven't finished in their review so I made a separate post about it. You can read that here. But I truly think we will finish this in short order..but we are taking our time. Here is a picture of the finished it will eventually be.


I do highly recommend doing this even if you are not 'inclined' to this sort of thing. 99% of the population is more 'sewing inclined' than I am. (Have I mentioned that my dear husband has sewn a button and 'fixed' Andrew's pants from time to time.) I will probably order additional other projects from the company. They are a great way to do 'real' things as opposed to just lacing cards or something like that. There are a ton of 'pioneer' items on the website that could be great gifts to order NOW to make for Christmas for others, or to buy for stocking stuffers. It does not appear that they are all crafts either. Lots of very interesting stuff. You can click on the banner at the top and bottom of this post to see OTHER ITEMS reviewed by this same company.

As part of The Old Schoolhouse Crew of reviewers, I was given a complimentary fringe purse from Corps of Re-Discovery. I am not compensated for this review and am not obligated to provide a positive review.


The Glasers said...

That is too manly to be a murse! :-)

The moccasins look very doable for Pamela!

Sheri said...

Well good news-it is actually a Fringe Pouch-which the mountain men and frontiersmen used to store their it is totally a dude thing! Glad your friend had that needle for ya! Nice review.

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