Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2010 Gratitude Challenge - Day 17

Today...I am THANKFUL for the years I have NOT had to go to the Secretary of State office to get my license. Someone told me that in some states you have to go in every time you renew. In Michigan we can mostly renew by mail. I went it and there were probably 100 people in there. I am not kidding. I didn't stay. Then I went to the closest Walmart and it was a Super Walmart. We don't have many of those here and can I just say..I don't care for it. (I like it as much as I like Meijers and those of you that know me well know how much that is.) I went back to the SOS office just to 'see' if the line was shorter. It was, but not by much. And it was traffic I am also thankful that I can be a SAHM and avoid traffic most of the time. I think I will try and go in the morning. (They should have speed lines for moms with special needs kids. Maybe I'll write our Secretary of State. Or I could just take Andrew with me..tee hee.)

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Our Village is a Little Different said...

I'm not a big fan of crowded, noisy, messy places. You just wrote about two of my least favorite. I'm glad you survived it, and I hope that if you try again tomorrow, it's not as bad.

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