Monday, November 22, 2010

2010 Gratitude Challenge - day 23

Today I am thankful for another year! I thought about not putting this on here but I truly am thankful for it! How can I put anything else?!

A few highlights:

-"HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! For your first gift, I will give you an extra snooze." (count to 3).. "OK. Lets go downstairs now." I tried to give him the sign for in more sleep... but he didn't have his ears on and he says, "food? you want food? ok I will share my french toast with you!" (He never shares...and I guess this means I am making french toast for breakfast LOL.)

- My son informed me, after we had pulled the arils out of the pomegranates that he wants to make me a GIANT pomegranate jello mold for my birthday cake. I told him I'd love just the MOLD as I can't find a jello mold anywhere.

- Went and got the grey washed out of my hair and a new cut. Change is good.

- Andrew started his art therapy today. It went so-so but I love that he wants to share with me when we get out. It is a good thing.

- Did ya'll know there is a Sur La Table in Somerset??!! That is seriously dangerous. I got to spend an hour or so wandering the mall!

- Now going to curl up with some apple cider and watch some TV!


The Unsell Family said...

Love your haircut and Happy Birthday!

Our Village is a Little Different said...

happy Birthday! You look fabulous!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday!!

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